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The absence of India and presence on the moon

A panel of scientists representing space faring nations took the audience on a virtual space ride reminiscing about the past and taking a look to the future at the panel discussion ‘The Moon and Beyond: Where will we be in 50 years in space exploration?’ As they recalled the space race exactly 50 years ago when USA landed on the moon, with Apollo 11, before the Soviets, experts from the US, Russian, Chinese and European space efforts also presented their plans for the next half a century.

But what really puzzled the audience was the absence of a representative from India in the panel. It was not clear whether India was invited to be a part of the discussion. Indian Space Research Organisation is one of the five space agencies in the world with an active lunar space exploration programme, with its second moon mission scheduled for launch on July 15, 2019.

There was, nevertheless, a lot to take away from the session. In the coming years, scientists from major space faring nations will continue the mission they started 50 years ago- fly yet another astronaut. But this time, it will most likely be a woman. A robot and a cyborg may also follow suit, as space scientists look at the earth’s natural satellite as a layover point or a launchpad to farther expeditions.

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