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Making Neuroscience Child's Play

Prior to the main events of the World Conference of science Journalists, WCSJ2019, an interesting workshop was organized by Jacobs Foundation and the University of Zurich.

In recent years, I have found myself more interested on Neuroscience and meditation. So, I was pleased to attend a workshop led by Prof. Dr Nora Maria Raschle of the University of Zurich. Nora expressed her views with the help of PowerPoint in a simple and understandable way accessible to the audience. “We are trying to find ways to spread knowledge in a way that is fun for children,” she remarked. She explained that her works focus on making Neuroscience child's play. She is against complicated communication and she wants to disseminate knowledge about Neuroscience to children in easier way. “I like to break down the walls raised by complicated communication. Science is simple as well as meant for all,” she said.

Nora has developed education materials for children on subjects like paediatric neuroimaging, brain structure, function and connectivity, socioemotional development, language and reading, and neuroplasticity. It was a really useful workshop for me, and will help me to dig out more stories in the future.

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