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A workshop that left participants wanting more

The Fuse workshop on artificial intelligence was a workshop of two parts, theory and presentations and the practical.

The first part focused more on the presentations on Artificial Intelligence, how it is changing the world and the exclusive use of it. It also focused on how journalists are finding new facts that they didn’t know before. The experts opined that AI still has a long way to go and humans still have a lot of work to do.

The afternoon session led by Jeremy B. Merill was quite interesting as he went through the machine learning workshop where the participants participated in the practical element and were taught to test a new AI tool. The participants were taught to build a prototype which was fun and totally new for me.

Having gone to the workshop with very little knowledge about AI, the workshop ended with many takeaways and so much of new information. But I would have loved to learn more about how we can use machine learning tools in science journalism. I was also looking forward to finding out more about how AI will transform science journalism and how journalists should prepare for it. That will be for another day, but overall this workshop was a useful start.

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