Photographic memories of WCSJ2019

11 Sep 2019

©WSJ2019Lausanne/Henry Kenyon


Throughout WCSJ2019, we were privileged to have the services of the young, dynamic and indefatigable photographer Henry Kenyon.


He took hundreds of pictures of the sessions, networking and social events, workshops and the exhibition.


For some of the events, we also had the support of CERN photographers, Jacques Fichet and Noemi Caraban.


We are happy to share these photographic memories of the conference with you, and would like to invite you to use them, subject to the following conditions: 


  1. Any image used in any context must be credited to ©WSJ2019Lausanne/Henry Kenyon, ©WSJ2019Lausanne/Jacques Fichet or ©WSJ2019Lausanne/Noemi Caraban as appropriate;

  2. You may use these pictures for:

  • Personal use or souvenirs;

  • Personal blogs, websites, newsletters, media;

  • Media contribution relating to WCSJ2019 activity;

  • Personal promotion;

  • Institutional or corporate media, but with a clear link to WCSJ2019.

You may NOT use these pictures:

  • For the promotion of any other event without the formal consent of the WCSJ2019 organizers;

  • In a context unrelated to WCSJ2019;

  • In a media, website or newsletter that does not respect the laws of the country of publication (for example in a defamatory context);

  • To download or sell.

If you link to any of these pictures in an article related to WCSJ2019, please send a digital copy or a link to the article to:


Any use of these pictures not in accordance with these rules will be pursued. 


The pictures of each of the five days of the WCSJ2019, 1 to 5 July 2019, can be seen and downloaded here:


Day 1 – 1st July (Opening evening, ceremony and debate; Welcome reception)


Day 2 – 2nd July (Sessions, lunch@labs, workshops, Olympic reception)


Day 3 – 3rd July (Sessions, lunch@labs, workshops, EPFL 50’s anniversary reception)


Day 4 – 4th July (Sessions, lunch@labs, workshops, Farewell wine-tasting event in Lavaux)


Day 5 – 5th July (One field trip; Geneva Cocktail)


Pictures by Noemi Caraban


Pictures by Jacques Fichet

The WCSJ2019 organizers would like to thank to Henry Kenyon ( for his wonderful work throughout the week.

We also express our gratitude to CERN for the services of Jacques Fichet and Noemi Caraban.

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