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Video recording of some of the WCSJ2019 sessions is now available

Most of the WCSJ2019 sessions, workshops and luncheons that took place in Auditoriums A and C of the SwissTech Convention Center were video recorded and are now available to view on YouTube.

Please note that:

  • For most sessions, only the speakers on stage were recorded, not the questions from the audience;

  • The sound quality differs from video to video;

  • All session participants are mentioned at the beginning of each video;

  • The Auditorium C session “X2 The listening lab: a science podcast soirée” was unfortunately not recorded;

  • When available, the presentation slides are made available in the descriptive text accompanying the video.

It’s our pleasure to share these videos with you, and we’d be thrilled to see you make use of them. However, please respect the following ground rules if you do so:

  1. Any video used in any context must be credited to ©WSJ2019Lausanne

  2. You may use these videos for:

  • Personal use or souvenirs;

  • Personal blogs, websites, newsletters, media;

  • Media contribution relating to WCSJ2019 activity;

  • Personal promotion;

  • Institutional or corporate media, but with a clear link to WCSJ2019.

You may NOT use these videos:

  • For the promotion of any other event without the formal consent of the WCSJ2019 organizers;

  • In a context unrelated to WCSJ2019;

  • In a media, website or newsletter that does not respect the laws of the country of publication (for example in a defamatory context);

  • To download or sell.

If you link to any of these videos in an article related to WCSJ2019, please send a digital copy or a link to the article to:

Any use of these videos not in accordance with these rules will be pursued.

All the WCSJ2019 videos of Auditorium A and Auditorium C sessions at the STCC can be found on our YouTube channel (CLICK HERE).

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